Prima Pet

A premium life for you and your pet

The best for pets

The brands Prima Pet Sweden provide are; PrimaDog which has a super premium range of products for dogs, PrimaCat which is a high-quality premium food for cats and Freddy & Birdy has an assortment for pet rodents and small pet birds.

PrimaDog's range is specially designed for the Swedish market. Both the dog food and the treats is distinguished by its high meat content, and we do not use wheat in our recipes. Read more at

Deluxe PrimaCat has a high-quality product range that includes both treats and food. This range is the best option for cat owners who value the natural ingredients and the highest quality. Read more at

Freddy & Birdy's range includes treats, seeds and pellets for small animals and birds. Read more at

”Pets are close to our heart, and the Prima Pet family includes not only our employees, but also all of our pet friends.”