Our story

We want to offer the best for Nordic cats, dogs and small animals.

Prima Pet Sweden

We at Prima Pet Sweden loves animals. Our focus is on your pet's well-being. We develop products that we ourselves are feeding our pets with, only the best will do for our four-legged family members.

Prima Pet Premium Oy and Prima Pet Sweden work closely, we exchanged ideas and experiences. It allows us to be flexible and quick in the design and development of new products that is on demand in Sweden. We welcome an open dialogue with our customers to further develop Prima Pet Swedens assortment. 

Our mission - high quality food in grocery stores!
Most people know that you can only buy high-quality premium petfood at specialist retailers or online. But why should it be so? Would it not be easier to be able to buy the good and high-quality premium petfood in the same place we buy our own food? Therefore, we have developed a range of petfood with as high quality as in the specialty retailstores available for sale at the grocery stores, but with a price that is kinder to your wallet. Now you can with good conscience save both time and money without compromising on either quality or palatability.

Prima Pet Premium Sverige loves animal, here you see two of our happy product testers.